Information about the IFX organization: soccer exchanges, international soccer academy alternative and soccer school!


Established in 2003 by Michael Carlson, International Fútbol X-Change is a leading international soccer organization, providing professional, amateur, and youth players with international soccer exchange programs and unique opportunities to accelerate their soccer development while enhancing players’ cultural awareness.


While summer soccer camps, soccer boarding schools, or international soccer academies typically train all participating players in large groups amongst themselves, the IFX program places players individually amongst one of our partner clubs in Europe, with full immersion within a foreign club.


With our extensive network of highly competitive clubs throughout Europe, the IFX players experience soccer through methodical weekly training regimens with the European team, enabling IFX participants to learn from advanced European training methods, and to learn from their European peers. Since 2003, IFX has been operating the Pro IFX, Youth Year IFX, and Youth Summer IFX programs.


Pro IFX – The Pro IFX is a 30-day training period with top-level amateur and semi-professional European clubs for players 18 and over. The program offers unique cultural interaction with foreign players. It gives players an opportunity train within a foreign club to gain valuable international experience and to showcase their talent to our partner clubs. The Pro IFX has a greater degree of immersion in the foreign game than what a soccer academy typically offers.


Youth Year IFX – The Youth Year IFX is a unique soccer study abroad program for high school aged players, offering players an opportunity to compete with international youth clubs while living with host families and studying at local high schools. Generally, no international soccer schools provide this level of immersion. Ability to participate in official matches may be subject to approval of the players’ player pass in accordance with FIFA and National Federation regulations.


Youth Summer IFX – The Youth Summer IFX is a 2-week long soccer immersion program, providing players the opportunity to train with an international team, to experience European soccer firsthand, and enhance players’ understanding of a different culture through the powerful medium of sport. This is an excellent alternative to summer soccer camps.


Summer Soccer Camps – IFX is a fully recognized international agent for many of the world’s top residential soccer camps the world’s top footballing nations.





There are many choices for international soccer programs, but none provide as unique and powerful of an experience as the International Fútbol X-Change.


IFX soccer academies, soccer training programs and total immersion programs provide unique opportunities for players from around the world to learn from a variety of European training philosophies and training methodologies. Our programs are delivered through carefully selected partners including some of the world’s top football clubs.


If you have any questions regarding how the IFX can offer a superior alternative to soccer camps, soccer academies, and soccer schools, please contact us. 510-599-4625