Youth Year IFX


Looking for an International Soccer Academy? How about our one-of-a-kind international soccer study abroad program where you actually play WITH a foreign club?


Zack Shiposh FT BraunschweigOur total immersion program for youth players, the Youth Year IFX gives players of all abilities, the opportunity to experience soccer and life in another country in a way no international soccer academy could. IFX places each player individually among one of our partner foreign club teams to train and potentially compete as a fully registered player for one full season, upon approval of their registration subject to restrictions set forth by FIFA. The total immersion on the foreign club enables players to develop within a fast paced European soccer environment, learning from both highly qualified coaches and their foreign peers.


IFX carefully manages the placement of each youth player with a club, providing a highly competitive club that furnishes European structured training, infrastructure, regional league competition, and opportunity for tremendous growth in tactical and technical soccer ability.


IFX Players come back to their home country not only with vast improvement in their game, but also with a firm knowledge of a foreign language, and keen sense of cultural understanding. The soccer experience is also a tool that helps students integrate into the local culture and make new friends during their stay abroad.



Players are enrolled in a local high school to continue their secondary education while living with a carefully selected host family. For certain destinations, the management of the school and host family placement is carried out by one of our partner exchange programs. Thus, admittance into IFX’s Youth Year X-Change requires a favorable academic record and is subject to the requirements of our partner institutions. Players live with a host family during their entire stay, providing an invaluable support system and “home away from home.” The Youth Year IFX program requires a balance between school, family, and soccer.



If you are a competitive soccer player and have an interest in playing in a foreign soccer environment, then the International Fъtbol X-Change is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and bring you closer to achieving your playing goals. To apply, please read the application instructions and complete the application packet entirely.


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