Youth Year IFX Spain – Player: Christian Schaffner

Youth Year IFX Spain – Christian Schaffner

IFX presents Christian Schaffner, an American soccer player who is currently playing with Hernan Cortes Juvenil B team in the Segunda Division in Zaragoza Spain. After intensive trialing Christian was placed with the right team for his age group and level. Being in a new soccer environment, Christian has adapted to the Spanish style and soccer in Europe relatively quickly and is now looking forward to develop his soccer and language skills further. We had the chance to get an overall positive feedback from Christian about his unique soccer and school experience in Spain:

“The players here are all very talented and I am working hard everyday to adapt myself to the Spanish style. They play a very organized structure defensively and on the ball it is a lot of quick one two touch passes looking to switch the field. I play center midfielder and I believe this is one of the best places to be for a center midfielder as the playing style requires us to anticipate everything and teaches an awareness that I never knew existed in ”

We from IFX are excited with Christian about his extraordinary development in our program!

If you would like to spend an exchange year in Spain and play soccer during this year please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream! Find it out more at:

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