IFX Spain Players finishing Season at Barcelona’s football club

Highlighting a few IFX Spain players, Sean Taylor, an 18 year old striker from Southern California signed for formidable Catalonian U19 side Sabadell Nord CF for the season. Taylor has already made several appearances, and after 8 matches they sit just two wins out of first place in fifth position.

IFX Newcomer Rory McParland signs for Barcelona football club Espluguenc

Irish-Canadian footballer Rory McParland signs mid-season with CFA Espluguenc Juvenil – Barcelona

Californian Daniel Moreno a steady hand for Barcelona football club U.E. Rubi

After more than a half season since arriving in Barcelona, IFX’s Daniel Moreno, an 18 year old from California, has become U.E. Rubi’s main goalkeeper for their U19 Barcelona soccer academy squad.