IFX Youth Year Germany – Elliot Swigert

IFX Youth Year Germany – Elliott Swigert best player of “U17 Indoor Soccer Cup”

During the traditional winter break, Germany is famously known for having a variety of indoor soccer tournaments with teams competing in ‘classical’ german indoor soccer as well as futsal. It is a great way of getting to know the german soccer culture in general and improving the technical skills of a soccer player of each age group. Such tournaments are often used as showcase for outstanding technical players.

One of our current Youth Year Germany participants Elliot Swigert had the chance to compete with his team 1. FC Frankfurt (Oder) in the ‘Indoor Soccer Cup Schwerin’ where he managed not only to lift his team to the first place and winning the tournament – he was additionally awarded as the best player of this indoor tournament. Another great achviement Elliot can proudly add to his soccer vitae.

If you would like to play soccer in Germany yourself during a high school exchange year please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream! Find it more at: http://www.ifxsoccer.com/soccer-training-programs/youth-year/overview/

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