Youth Year IFX Germany Academy – Bruno Aparicio

Youth Year IFX Germany Academy – Bruno Aparicio

This week we from IFX would like to introduce one of our Youth Year IFX Germany Academy participants Bruno Aparicio. The Mexican-American soccer player choose Germany to develop his language and soccer skills further the Youth Year IFX Germany Academy program to get one step closer to his main goal – becoming a professional soccer player.

We had the chance to meet Bruno after his first half of the year and talk to him about this unique experience.

Overall he describes the experience so far as very educational and also different from what he had known about soccer and the details before coming to Germany. “I have seen a new standard of skill, that I had not seen back home. I have a steadier first touch and developed new soccer habits (e.g. looking over the shoulder before receiving a pass). Also I am playing at a much faster pace now and became more aggressive in my defending.”

We from IFX wish Bruno all the best for the next upcoming months and are happy to have such a mature and promising young person in our program!

If you would like to play soccer in Germany yourself during a high school exchange year and experience a highly competetive training environment please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream! Find it out more at:

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